Tuesday, 8 November 2011

Wonderland Inspired TP Mini

Hi All!

I am back with another installment! Boy, have I been busy! I have created another little mini, inspired by the Marion Smith one I just recently made. Incidentally, I have not yet taken any new pics of that one to show you as it has been raining and overcast here and I just don't get good light!
So..... I have recently hosted a tp mini swap and the design parameters I set were to create a tp mini using black, white and a splash of colour. As an added twist people were asked to include a used postage stamp and incorporate it into their design. Everyone was encouraged to use innovative techniques and designs as much as possible and to do their best work and boy, did they ever! The results have been spectacular!

Here are some pictures of my mini, please forgive the amount of pictures and the seemingly random explanations, but it is really hard to adequately show a mini that has a booklet within a fold within a flap! Lol!

Alice in Wonderland inspired TP Mini

Front Cover 
 The admit one ticket to the right is the top of the tag left out for design purposes and also for easy removal of the tag booklet. The heart is the front closure affixed with velcro

Inside front flap top cover of fold out booklet 
The little cards are removable for journalling and matting.

Inside inner fold out booklet 
There is a frame for photo mounting to the right is a removable rabbit card for journalling or matting. to the left are my details, another requirement for this mini friend page swap.

Back Cover 
This is fastened with a horizontally quirky bow the carival ticket to the left is the other side of the removable tag.

Inside back flap
On the right is the postage stamp required, on the left is a removable journalling or matting card in the middle is a hidden pocket behind which another carnival ticket hides, this is left out for ease of removal of the hidden journalling / matting booklet

Close up of postage stamp

Here you can see the little booklet being removed from the hidden pocket behind the rabbit by pulling on the carnival ticket

The inside of the booklet has journalling lines on one side and photo mounting on the other.

The removable tag being pulled out....

The tag beneath the mini, still folded

 The inside of the tag folded out

The outside of the tag folded out

The little elements shown are actually photo corners, the heart.....

The butterfly.....

And the tab

Thanks so much for looking! This mini was a true joy to make. Shown below are other similar mini's I have made in the past....enjoy! = )

TP Mini for Swap

Front cover
The front little flap opens to reveal my details mounted on vellum on the inside

Tag side 1

Tag side 2

Back cover 

Halloween TP Mini
Front Cover
The skull and crossbones hides a skeleton key, the matching lock is shown at the right, but the poor lighting has failed to pick up that the centre of the lock has a keyhole which is more prominent and noticeable in real life. The lock on the left is actually a removable tag.

Once the flap is opened, you see the spider and the skull paper, on the left there is a poison warning label and barbed wire.

Here the reason for the key becomes apparent. It's function is to alert the person to the presence of a hidden tag and make removal of the tag easier.

Here the tag is shown removed

Here is the back cover of the mini, the skull and crossbones on the left is the reverse side of the tag shown in the previous picture and as such is removable, on this side a pocket has been created to store journalling and mounting tags.

The themed journalling and mounting tag removed

Thank you so much for sharing my tour de mini! I hope you enjoyed seeing them as I enjoyed making them! If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to leave a comment or email me. = ) 

Next up......I will be showing off some small embellies I have made for a swap.

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