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Alice is here!

O.K. So I've been bad and only just gotten around to posting my Alice in Wonderland Mini. For those of you who didn't read my earlier post, this was made using a digital kit from the wonderful collection by Marion Smith! You print this yourself! 
If you have not yet seen her mini, you really should! Here is the link:

And no, Marion does not pay me to endorse her company, at the moment no one does! I just pick what I like and I give it a plug, that's how it works for me! If I see something really great, I will share it with you here. Just because I can...... = ) 
I had previously posted a sneak peek of my Alice in Wonderland Mini Cover. For all you new people, here it is again! = )  

And here is the rest of it! It was so much fun to make that I am making a stack of these for Christmas! = ) 

I must remind you that not everything shown in mine comes with the kit, I have added quite a few of my own elements, but an awful lot of it does! And it is great fun to make it your own or personalise it for someone else! 

I hope you like it! 

Close up of Front Cover

Close up of Front Cover

Mine is closed using velcro dots placed under the "lock". The key is there for effect and simply attaches to the inside cover using regular thread doubled over several times which I rubbed with Vintage Photo and Walnut Stain inks for that distressed and aged look. The key is from the TH hardware findings die and I used distress embossing powder to make it look old and rusty. Even up close it looks like metal! So cool! 

Inside Front Cover and First Page of Mini

This is what it looks like when you open the book, it is laid up with two pages showing at a time. 

Inside Front Cover

The card on the left is removable for picture matting or journalling

This page is the "Drink Me" page. Each of these "pages" is actually an envelope with a large card inside and plenty of room for tickets, memento's, cards, tags, photos or anything else you might want to put in a scrapbook. And both sides of the envelopes are decorated like an individual page. Very Clever! The tag is part of the kit and I placed it her, it is removable for matting and journalling. I also popped the white rabbit on here to "hold" the tag for me. Added a dash of red with the heart....for the Queen of Hearts of course! = ) 

See? Here is the "back" of the "Drink Me" Envelope, I added the little gems and the two original artwork cards. The one on the left is removable for matting or journalling.

These elements all came with the kit! Aren't they cute? I decided to place the original Alice in Wonderland Cover image on the left and glue it down to make a pocket to slide a playing card into. the front is lined for journalling, the back has room for a pic! So lovely!

I added the white rabbit circle to the envelope here, the hearts and a couple of gemstones and glitter, the rest came with the kit, but I did something "tricky" to hold the card in place. I placed a rubber sheet in the envelope and used my sharp exacto knife to cut gently around the image half way....this creates a pocket to slide the edge of the card into. = ) 

Another original book cover, this one is also a pocket for sliding cards into...

For this one I added glitter and a black and white line drawing of the original artwork which I coloured using my inks. I just rubbed them roughly over the area for a rustic effect. then edge distressed it with vintage photo and popped my own tag behind it. Remember inside the envelope is also a journalling card and matting page as well as journalling behind the tag. I LOVE that you can display your photos in this book or keep it as an interactive book with hidden photo's. is one of the cards I mentioned....lines on one side and matting on the other, perfect! It is quite big too! Measuring 5 3/4 x 3 3/4" roughly.

This page I added the oval on the left to hold my carnival tickets! These tickets can serve as little journalling spots and have been put together with a brad and fanned out as shown in the next pic.

Here they are out from behind the oval and fanned. You can see the little blue brad in the middle holding them. I added glossy accents to the heart on the tea cup and gems to the dots on the Mad Hatters tie. 

When I saw this teapot I instantly had an idea to make a teabag for it! Could not resist such a cute idea! All I ddi was poke a hole through the teapot in an inconspicuous place in the pattern, then thread through the prepared tea bag on a string. Then all I did was tie a not bigger than the hole to keep it in place. Too easy! But effective I think! I also glittered and Glossy accented as you can see.

This comes as an additional extra (optional) to the kit it comes with the wonderland labels (as seen on my front cover) and an alternate cover which happens to be the one I used on the front of mine, the regular cover that comes with the kit is the one I used inside the cover. You can see it on the Inside Front Cover page and Inside Back Cover page. This little add on holds a couple of cards. I also added some green gems for added brightness.

I couldn't resist the teabag again, but this time the tea bag opens to reveal a tiny journalling spot! I glittered the heart and added a gem in the middle of the spade suit. Sometimes less IS more! Lol! 

This page was cute as is. The cupcake is an element of the kit and is glittered but not much else, I popped it on here and put some more tea bags behind it folded into a little concertina booklet. 

Here I used the cutting technique again to pop in a tag I made myself plus added a gemstone, nothing fancy here. Again, I like the simplicity of this page.

This is one of my favourite pages! I love the original artwork of painting the roses red......I just added red glitter to it. Then I added another original image and made it into a pocket, popped in a journalling card and a red heart in the corner and presto! 

Through the looking glass! For this page I added a gorgeous frame which I backed with silver foil card stock to make my own looking glass. I added the looking glass element to the envelope and glossy accented it for dimension. The mirror serves as a photo corner and holds the journalling card. I added a couple of crystals and made my own white roses to "paint red".

To this page I added an original line drawing with inked, distressed, edges, I added the pocket and tags and the drink me cup of tea. There is a silver charm of a lock and key on the tags and a couple of glittery hearts.

Here it is with the tags out so you can see them.....

Another of my favourites, this page is simple yet I think effective. I added the red cutout heart and wrote eat me in the center. I also added a line drawing I inked with colour ink. I distressed the edges and it holds my tag and any pictures you may want to add in place.

This is the back inside cover. To this page I added the pocket with a set of accordion tags, I added the cheshire cat element and glossy accented the eyes for dimensionality. I distressed and curled the original image and turned int into a picture and journalling holder.

Here are the accordion tags.

The back cover is another original illustration. This one was so perfect I couldn't add to it. I simply distressed and inked the edges and added a tiny "eat me" cupcake and dimensionalised the cherry on top with glossy accents. 

I hope you enjoyed viewing this mini. I always appreciate and comments or suggestions you may have. 

Thank you for viewing! = ) 

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